​​​​The Beginning:

Ark on Wheels Ministry was founded by Sandra Goeken Miles as a tool to reach out to the people that who never knew the Lord, by using animals to touch people's lives. She could communicate with those who had no trust in mankind, through animals who saw no race or color. She could help people feel better about themselves by having attention from special ambassadors who never judge. Animals have a sensitivity level that few understand, but they will reach out to those who need it the most, usually those who have been overlooked by most.

Animals begin arriving from all over. They were not pursed, but rejected by all around. Characterized as misfits, each animal is unique in their own way and have provided the foundation for the animal ministry, Ark on Wheels.

The actual Ark is a former 7 horse van, that has been modified for hauling exotic animals. It has a large ramp leading down from the center of the Ark. Each of the stars of the program, have been painted as if they were sailing along in Noah's Ark.

The Ark performs its programs for schools and churches that serve the underprivileged children - children from broken homes, abused, abandoned, and forgotten by society. The magic unfolds when these children are selected by these small tools of the Lord. One by one, the animals seem to seek out those in greatest pain. Through their interaction, a bond is built and healing occurs.

Each animal has a name after a person in the Bible. Each has a corresponding story that ties them to into a role they perform. Moses told the Lord many times, he couldn't free the slaves of the pharaoh due to his speech impediment. The Ark has a Moses, that is a Camel. He too, has a speech issue due to a malformed mouth. He moans like Moses did, and delivers a powerful performance, proving the fact that being different can make you effective in other ways.

​Little Zachias, is seriously handicapped yet has the confidence to go up to anyone forcing them to deal with him, giving his attention he craves. He brings tears to the eyes of those touched by his warmth.

​Noah, is a poodle who was expected to die between Christmas and New Years of 2007. He had liver cancer as well as hip dysplasia. He was prayed over for a miracle, to become the star of the Ark, proving that miracles happen all around us.​ All the blood tests and doctors documentation prove this to anyone willing to look at the evidence. A well respected vet has given his testimonial to support this beautiful story.